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Water industries

The Drinking Water Act regulates the quality of our drinking water and gives it the status of a food. The importance and responsibilities of services to ensure a high quality water supply can not be overestimated.

MÜLLER INGENIEURE advise, plan and supervise the execution of these "lifelines
in the underground". We are always aware to the responsibility to our fellow human beings  and face up to this important task each day happy again.

Renovation of drinking water reservoirs

The compliance and warranty of the drinking water quality begins with the  collection in the municipal water reservoirs. Many of the container were built in the 50s to the 70s of the last century or older. Today's hygiene requirements are often not adequately met by existing buildings.

The reasons are as varied as the different buildings:

  • building-specific causes, such as unfavorable geometries
  • material technology causes, for example, use of organic form oils in concreting, carbonation
  • constructional reasons, for example, lack of rebar cover
  • increased hygienic requirements with respect to construction, such as no vertical ventilation opening above the water surface
  • sabotage security

INGENIEURE advise, plan and supervise the execution of the reservoirs renovation measures as independent engineering company in consultation with the client.