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Sewerage Systems

A well-functioning sanitation is of great importance and a valuable asset for our modern civilized society. However the perception lessens with the quality of service.

construction and maintenance of sewer systems is a central task of the municipal civil engineering and thus a core competency of MÜLLER INGENIEURE. For us, the planning, construction and maintenance of the sewer is connected to a high level of responsibility to society and the environment. We are happy to this responsibility and we are always aware of this.

Pipe jacking

Typically, sewerages are laid in open trenches. There are also cases in which the boundary conditions require a non-disruptive installation, maybe because this type of construction sometimes is less expensive, but also the only possible design for an installation at this point.

With MÜLLER INGENIEURE our clients have a partner who has successfully designed and implemented several projects with this technology.

Rehabilitation of sewer systems, remediation concepts

Of an estimated 500,000 kilometers of public sewer lines in Germany about 20% need short and medium term and further 21.5% long-term renovation. The renewal of the damaged sewers is usually not financially feasible. Instead, it requires coherent and of long-term strategies to create a balance between economic and ecological interests.

As varied as the damage in the existing sewer lines can be as numerous are the options for maintenance, repair or rehabiltation. MÜLLER INGENIEURE advises, plans and monitors the execution of the various remedial measures as independent engineering office in consultation with the client. Continuous training and further training measures ensure our clients access to the latest technologies functioning. We have expanded our skills to a certified professional consultant sewer rehabilitation in the recognized Insitution the Technical Academy Hanover end of 2010.

Calculation of sewer networks

The planning and calculation of channel networks with us follows the latest accepted engineering. Hydrodynamic calculations, pollution load calculations or calculations based on the time coefficient - just to name a few - are part of the engineering tools. The methods used are selected to the specific application accordingly.

This wide selection of methods allows us to fulfill the calculation and optimization of entire local networks and the creation of a general sewerage plans.

We are also happy to provide other technical drainage planning and dimensioning tasks to our clients:

  •      Evaluation methods for rainwater
  •      Stormwater retention basin
  •      Stormwater Overflow
  •      retention filter
  •      infiltration systems
  •      pressure drainage systems
  •      culverts

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